An electric fence can detect, deter and delay any intrusion.

A high-voltage shock combined with a physical barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence.

The detecting ability of a Nemtek electric fence energizer will sound an alarm when the perimeter, of the property being protected, has been infiltrated or tampered with.

By keeping the perimeter protected using an electric fence, the attempted break in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.


The revolutionary designs in security electric fencing have made this product range a trusted household appliance. These products are trusted by many homeowners as the product of choice to secure their private properties, housing estates and villages.

The cost-effective, reliable and effective designs have been the focus of development over the past twenty years. The continually evolving range offers innovative solutions for many residential applications, with many choices to ensure that the right product is available to make homes secure without compromising on aesthetics. The large range of wall top brackets and posts have made it easy to secure most walls offering a range of effective security solutions.


Office and commercial parks, car showrooms and motor home displays and outdoor showrooms have not been ignored by criminals and are often also a soft target for vandals. This need for secure perimeter protection has been combined with aesthetically pleasing designs that do not compromise on the effectiveness of the security. Modulus brackets and post systems are just some of the trusted solutions where the security electric fencing products look good yet work effectively.


Solar farms, oil refineries, steel industries and mining sites often need to be protected from intruders, both from a safety and a security point of view. The need to protect large industrial areas has been met by a range of full-height fencing solutions. These systems can be added onto existing fences (piggy back) or can be completely freestanding where no fence exists. In many instances multiple fence zones are required and the modular design of energizers makes this easy to achieve.


Government facilities and critical infrastructures need to be protected. Power distribution facilities, water reservoirs, transport depots, pumping stations and gas pipelines are some of the types of utilities that often need to be protected, as disruptions or interferences can cause large scale implications for governments, cities and the community as a whole. In many instances protection is required to prevent harm to individuals by stopping them from gaining access to sensitive or dangerous areas such as train depots or even electrical transformers and electrical distribution areas.

High Security

All the products are manufactured with high security in mind but certain sites require different types of high security solutions. The number of electric fencing zones and the number of fence wires can be increased. Heavier wires and brackets are a common need for high security sites. These sites include airports, naval bases, border fences, embassies, and mints.

Animal Farms

Traditionally, electric fence energizers for animal farming control did not have a fence monitor to detect a break in the fence.

The detecting feature has become an integral part of game and animal control. It allows the user to monitor the condition of the fence at the energizer without having to patrol the fence regularly, thus saving time and money.

Poaching of animals is an additional problem faced by animal reserves and animal farms, but the security features offered by the Nemtek electric fencing energizers can assist in this battle.