What is electric fencing?

Electric fence is made up of alternate live and earth wires. The fence wires are powered by a unit called an energizer, which circulates short impulses of voltage along the fence line in series/parallel connection. Voltage is fed into the fence from a start point and monitored from the end point. Thus, any change of voltage along the fence line due to intentional meddling with the fence wires or any other reason can be effectively detected and on detection an alarm is triggered.

An electric fence can be thought of as an electronic guard that protects your property, patrolling the entire perimeter after every one second.

What is the use of electric fencing?

Electric fence is used to protect one's property from intruders (be it humans or animals). It can also be used to protect animals in farms, by keeping them inside.

Is electric fence safe?

Yes, an electric fence is 100% safe. There is no threat to life with the shock pulse. The energizer controls the outflow of electric current to within the permissible limits of all government norms. Human body can bear 8 times more than the shock pulse of an electric fence. This makes the whole system absolutely NON-LETHAL.

Is installing an electric fence legal?

Yes, it is very much legal. It's just like buying an electric appliance for your home, factory, or anywhere you want to install it.

It complies to the International Standard IEC 60335-2-76 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-76: Particular requirements for electric fence energizers.

What powers the electric fence?

The fence is NOT powered by the mains. It is powered by the energizer, which works on 12V battery. This battery can be charged using mains or solar panel, if required.

Does an electric fence consume a lot of energy?

No, it consumes a very small amount of energy. In fact, it consumes as much energy as a CFL bulb. The energizer can also work on solar panels making the running costs virtually zero.

What happens if someone tampers the fence wires?

If someone tries to tamper the fence, the energizer triggers an alarm, alerting the security guards (if any) and the owner of the property.

Do I need an electric fence?

If you want to rest assured that your property is secure, then electric fence is the ideal product for you. It also keeps the beauty of your property intact.

It can protect homes, farmhouses, orchards, warehouses, refineries, power plants, animal farms, large factories, housing societies or educational institutes.