SecureTech4u is a leading electric fence provider and installer, based in Delhi. The product is manufactured by Nemtek, a renowned brand in the field of electric fences that has a wide customer base in 18 countries.

We sell, install and support the complete range of Nemtek energizers, fencing hardware and accessories. These products provide everything you need to build a safe and cost effective electric fence system.

An electric fence offers many advantages over a non-conventional fence, such as brick wall, barbed wire, or concertina wires. It stands as a psychological and physical barrier, and therefore, it is much safer than a traditional fence. Animals remember the short, sharp and safe shock and learn to avoid the fence, which then reduces the chance of injury and the wear and tear of the fence. Humans cannot pass through it, as the gap between wires is too small.

It is much cheaper than non-electrified fences, and takes a short time to build, thereby saving a lot of effort, time and money.